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21 February 2013

definition of education

                Education is a real and planned working to realize the learning situation and process, in order to make the students improve their ability actively to have a power of spiritual, self controlling, personality, smartness and also the skill which is needed by them selves and by their environment. Education is an equipment, a planning of curriculum, learning evaluation, learning methode, and also the carreer exercise.

                The education usually  begins when a baby was born, and it happens continously in a long life. Education can also begin before the baby was born,  like something many people do by playing a music instrument and reading something to the babies in the uterus to teach them before they were born hopefully.
According to Horton and Hunt, the education department is related to some real functions. They are:
1.       Preparing the member of the environment to get income.
2.       Improving the ability of someone to get a personal and enviroment’s satisfying.
3.       Taking care of the culture.
4.       Building a skill to give a participation to the democracy.

The special functions of education are :
1.       Reducing the parent’s control. The education helps the parents to take care and teach their children.
2.       Hanging the system of the social class. The education in the school is expected to give a socialization to their students to receive the prestige and privilise different and also the status in the environment. The school is also expected to be the students’ way of mobility to the higher social status and suitable to the parents’ status minimizely.
3.       Keeping the teenager’s life long.  The education can also stop the adult life for a while time, because the students still hope to their parents in economy.

                This scene is got from the big  number of children who can’t  get a good education, or even nothing. In the big cities, we can also find the children who can’t get an education because the condition of the family’s economy  and a knowing of the importance of education.

                The quality human source is created by the good and structural education, because it will create the good quality of personals too. By doing that, we can also create a  people who can make this country better.

                Remembering of many citizens and the the big of lands of Indonesia, it’s not a problem which is easy to face. It needs the government’s attention to be more focus to make the education for children better, and also the government’s attention to improve the children’s ability, because there are many good children who can’t get a good attention from our country, but they get a good attention from the other country. It is not impossible for Indonesia to make this country become a country who is ready to get a competition with the other rich countries.

It is an education which held in a school and it is the formal one.
The formal education has some characteristics . They are :
-          It has a main step. For example : pre primary, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and university.
-          The script that the students get has marks. For example : it is for applying a job.
-          It has a curriculum.
-          It has a structural system.

It is an education which held in the environment.
The non formal education has some characteristics. They are :
-          It is a formal one.
-          There is also an  informal one. For example : a man who want to teach the children, or a poor in an environment.
-          It can be helping for the formal education. For example : the education department ( Primagama, Neutron, Ugama, Ganesha,etc.
-          It doesn’t have a main step.
-          It can be joined by every people from many ages.
-          It gives a script. For example : the children who join the computer course get a script.

It is an education which is given by the parents and environment who makes the value of morality as the main thing.
The informal education has some characteristics. They are :
-          It is an informal education.
-          It is usually consisted of advice.
-          It doesn’t have a main step.
-          It doesn’t have a main kinds of education.

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