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23 November 2014

The Easy Way To Update Google Chrome Latest Version

The Easy Way To Update Google Chrome Latest Version
Google chrome is a web browser or Google's web browser. Almost every month a Google Chrome browser gets updated to cover the gap of a bug in the previous version, reduces the risk of developing viruses, spyware, and malware. The update is very important to do so that personal data remains secure conditions.
To update the latest google Chrome, you don't need to restart the program to download, but you can simply follow the steps as I suggest below. Here is a tutorial on how to easily update the latest Chore: Google browser
1. open Google Chrome application.
2. click the settings button to google chrome which is top right dipojok right below the close button there is a key button, click the key button.

3. not much later appear in the audio menu, click on the menu "about google chrome"
4. If there is a new update, google chrome will display a dialog box that indicates the process of downloading the latest updates.
5. If the update process is finished then on the dialog box will appear to "restart the program" just click that button.
6. check back through the menu "about google chrome" if google chrome already got the latest update, then there will be a notice that google chrome up to date.

Okey, that's a little tips on how to easily update the latest version of google chrome. Pretty easy isn't it? Please follow the above to check out the google chrome regularly and make sure your google chrome browser is the latest version. Good luck.

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