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20 November 2014

The most expensive Aston Martin car

Almost a century has been the world's flying aston martin automobile. Various types of car has been diciptkan by the manufacturer of this mostly is luxury class car.
Aston martin is one of the luxury car manufacturer in the world. The original manufacturer of the United Kingdom managed to produce luxury cars that are successful in the market. This production is also the only car industry the most luxurious in the world. the fact thataston martin car one reaches a price of £ 20 million or about 302 billion rupiah.
Written by Daily Mail, Monday 3 september 2013 then. The car was named aston martinDBR1/2 which had won the le Mans in 1959 when ridden by legendary racing driver sirstirling moss.
Aston martin car 1957 it had also won the Championship of the thropy tourist RAC atGoodwood in 1958 and 1959.
In addition, this car is capable of defeating most expensive cars from the UK that is a 1929bentley sold for 5 million pounds or about 75 billion. However, the aston martin DBR1/2haven't been able to beat the world's most expensive car that is still held by Ferari 250 GTOworth 22 million pounds or about 332 billion rupiah.

"I would say it, that moment between the five best cars in the world. Aston martin carsoriginally uncontested and not often exist in the open market "said seller Jhon Collins

According to aston martin, historian Brian Joscelyne. This car has a lot of meaning to the automotive industry. because it is so awesome and really deserves to have.

This car is now probably already no longer sold over the counter, but only we canencounter when a luxury car showroom or a classic car show.
and here are the pictures of the car aston martin DBR1/2 Please refer to.
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